Why Toastmasters ?

Who doesn’t want to excel the skill of rhetoric. Though it might seem like an exorbitant claim, but the world always looks up to people who are adept in this. It’s not always about being a glib speaker, it’s about how articulately you can convey your thoughts and opinions through an impactful speech.

Being a novice in public speaking, I always used to be flabbergasted by professionals who had mastered this skill at such a young age.

Being a technical trainer myself, I am into public speaking from last 4 years, yet I have no qualms in admitting that I am still a fledgling player.

In my free time, I used to be on a lookout for forums for public speaking. One fine day, I came across this concept of ‘Toastmasters’. The website of toastmasters definitely piqued my interest and I was enthralled by the credo of club which stated – ‘Where leaders are made’. I immediately started garnering more information about the club from Google & begun my search of an elite club in Bangalore. Finding a club is not an easy task as every club has it’s own nuance. My search was finally concluded at Kormangala toastmasters club. I was a bit skeptical about paying a visit to the club as I was encompassed by this fear of public speaking.

Keeping my fears aside, I finally decided to pay a visit to the club. To my surprise, I got a very warm welcome into the club. The team extended tremendous support in answering all my queries. I particularly savored all the activities that we’re lined up for the day.

From prepared speeches to impromptu speaking, from speech evaluations to education session, the toastmasters club ensures 360 degree development of a person in terms of public speaking. This is exactly what I had been looking for all this time.

Without any second thoughts, I immediately enrolled myself as a member. Post enrollment, a mentor is assigned who will guide you through in this journey of toastmasters.

So folks, even though I have just begun my journey in toastmasters, I am positive that it’s definitely going to augment my public speaking skills.

As KTMCians generally say – It’s gonna be one heck of a roller coaster ride 🙂

– TM Anish Saini


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