Welcome to Koramangala Toastmasters Club

Are you looking to improve your public speaking and communication skills ?? Do you want to see you excel as a leader ?? How about networking with like minded people ?? May be you want to ignite your career with a new spark ? How about cracking over that job interview ?? May be, you... Continue Reading →

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The First Step

I constantly berated myself for nominating myself for my first speech in toastmasters, The Icebreaker. The mere thought of going on stage and delivering a speech in front of everybody gave me goosebumps the entire night before my speech. Next day, when I finally was called upon stage in the meeting to give my speech,... Continue Reading →

Triathlon : Prepared Speeches

The finale event of the Triathlon was one for the history books! A insightful education session on Prepared speeches detailing what to write, how to say it, the aim with you should say it followed by an amazing set of speaker, each sharing their unique and varied thoughts TM Nishanth P.K. explain his method to... Continue Reading →

The Nurturing Hand

Eyes on the ground, heart racing a mile an hour, a dry throat, an eternity of silence... The first time I spoke in front of a crowd was one that i tried to forget but could not. The memory of my fumble on stage haunted me. I wanted to improve as a speaker and after... Continue Reading →

Why Toastmasters ?

Who doesn't want to excel the skill of rhetoric. Though it might seem like an exorbitant claim, but the world always looks up to people who are adept in this. It's not always about being a glib speaker, it's about how articulately you can convey your thoughts and opinions through an impactful speech. Being a... Continue Reading →

Triathlon : Table Topics

The second event of the Triathlon was one filled with suspense, as each speaker took the stage not knowing what they were going to talk about. Yes! Table Topics or Impromptu speeches which as our speaker of the day liked to descirbe as "What seems to turn my world upside down" was the point of... Continue Reading →

Triathlon : Evaluation Contest

The 319th meeting of KTMC couldn't have been any better. It was an action packed day filled with a series of many engaging events. From installation ceremony of the New executive committee, to the well crafted education session by eminent speaker TM Pramod, From Official kick off of the 'triathlon' to the fun filled evaluation... Continue Reading →

Pathways is here

On May 3rd, Toastmasters of District 92 will witness a change that is several years in the making - PATHWAYS. To keep up with growth in communication channels due to advancement in technology and the need for tailor fitting to requirements of Toastmaster members - present and future, TMI has decided to revamp its curriculum.   Pathways is... Continue Reading →

The Buzz – March 18

A newsletter usually bouquets-up a whiff of the past, the promising future, and a splash of the present -balanced between the other two, unless it’s a special issue. The 2018's first edition of The Buzz opens with the President’s note; towards the middle-order, it presents the club calendar, events, and more; tail-ending with the members’ colourful contributions... Continue Reading →

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