Triathlon : Table Topics

The second event of the Triathlon was one filled with suspense, as each speaker took the stage not knowing what they were going to talk about. Yes! Table Topics or Impromptu speeches which as our speaker of the day liked to descirbe as “What seems to turn my world upside down” was the point of focus for the second event of the Triathlon.

The day started with an educational session from Aalap Mehta detailing Table Topics and approaches to tackle them. He went over the a few famous ones that he found effective like – PREP (Point, Reason, Example, Point), OEC (Opinion, Example, Conclusion), PCS (Problem, Cause and Solution) etc. He also discussed his own derivative approach to table topics and how he was able to tackle issues such as blanking out on stage. (View the full education session on our Youtube Channel)

The session was followed by a engaging Table Topics Competition with 12 pariticpants delivering speeches on a multitude of topics from “Faith can move mountains, so can a bulldozer” to “My prison is my fear”. The judges had a hard time picking out the winner of the close compeition but in the end those who prevailed were

  • 1st : TM Kalyani
  • 2nd : TM Tanuja
  • 3rd : TM Swarnadeep


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On July 21st we have a educational session on Prepared speeches by a renowned speaker followed by a prepared speech competition (Registrations opening soon).

Follow us for more as the Triathlon continues. Learn. Compete. Revel! 

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