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MOM of meeting number #42

Hello Friends,
Please find the MOM of meeting #42.
Theme: “Being Different”

Meeting started by SAA of day TM Sujeet at 10.00 am. SAA explained the rules and regulation of meeting and handed over the stage to president Joseph.

President Joseph called up the meeting, and addressed the audience explaining the importance of becoming different. Then president introduced the MoC of the day TM Avik.
TM Avik started the meeting with his flying style briefly introduced the Toastmasters International to Guests and different sessions of meeting.
Then TM Avik introduced GE of the TM Subhash. It was very interesting to have TM Subhash as GE. He always brings new Horizon to meeting. As usual he did the same thing again. He introduced his assignees and stung all the beads into a thread.
We had five prepared speech:
1) TM Nimish-Ice breaker
2) TM Jyoti- project2
3)TM Saurabh-project2
4)TM Vijay-project2
5)TM Anuj(Guest)-Humorous speech
Then We had a small break at 11:00am
We started Debate on a topic Arranged marriage vs love marriage at 11:15 interestingly composed and organized by TM Shreya.
Then we started evaluation session headed by TM Subhash.
Finally at 12:00 o’clock meeting was binded by TM Joseph.
Please find the detailed MOM in file attached



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Koramangala Toastmasters Session No 34

Meeting #34, started around 10.13am by SAA TM Ritu, followed encouraging presidential note by TM Aravind. We had 4 great prepared speeches today by
TM Bharat Project 1
TM Bibhu Project 2
TM Prateek Project 3
and TM Ajay Project 3

The Meeting was hosted by our dynamic Master of Ceremony, TM Sujeet K, with lots of energy and followed by a great Table Topic session by TM Ustav and TM Ritu.TM Joseph and his teams’, constructive feedback session added much value to the meeting.

New member voting in for TM Jyoti Prakash and TM Rafiq was done by VP Membership TM Nitesh.
Hope to see you all on the coming
Saturday, @KTMC…

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Koramangala Toastmasters Session No 18

Meeting # 18 started with great energy. After weeks of preparation and participation in contests, we are back in regular meetings of our club. Hearty congratulations to TM Reekhia and TM Priyank for making the flag of club flying high in Area level contest. Thanks to all of you, who participated and supported them during the contest.

The minutes for meeting #18 is as per the attachment.
We had total of 21 attendees (including 9 guests). We started the meeting 10.30am(supposed to start by 10.10am) with a congratulatory high note by TM Joseph. As always the encouraging presidential note by TM Aravind bring more energy to the meeting.

The meeting was carried forward by our enthusiastic ToastMaster of the day, TM Ritu. This meeting was unique, as we had 5 prepared speech for the first time in our club by
TM Praveen
TM Francis
TM Abhinav
TM Chinmaya
TM Ram Mohan
Meeting was followed by Table topic session by TM Joseph topics covering theme of the day and also evaluation session by him.
The club is always grateful to TM Aravind for his invaluable support to the club. Thanks TM Aravind for arranging two more banners for the club. Thanks to TM Joseph for arranging/managing the meeting so nicely and taking multiple roles in this meeting, to make it a successful one (though we have less number of senior members present).

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Koramangala Toastmasters Session No 10

Thought of the day :
Impossible is nothing, the word itself says I m possible and we all together made it possible.

Word of the day : resilient, an adjective meaning Recovering readily from adversity, depression, or the like.

The meeting started exactly 10.30am with a brilliant opening note by our club president Aravind, followed by introduction about Toastmaster movement by Toastmaster of the Day, Prakash.

In the first part of the meeting we had two excellent prepared speeches by
1. Ramesh (Project 1)
2. Prabhu Dev(Project 3)

This was followed by an exciting Table Topic session by TTM Ritu. All the table topics were from diverse fields and everybody thoroughly enjoyed the session.

It was great to listen the General Evaluator Srujana and her Team, for their valuable and constructive feedback.

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Koramanagala Toastmasters Club Bangalore Chartered !!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Chartering of Koramanagala Toastmasters Club Bangalore is finally done. We narrowly missed the 31st December cut off date for club-chartering. Had it been done before that, all current Club Officers would have been eligible for credit  against January 2012 to June 2012 term. It was the long holidays, especially at the tail end of holiday season(Christmas, New Year) , that went against us and delayed the club chartering. Although we are yet to hit the magical number in terms of membership strength, the excitement and enthusiasm shown by fellow members indicate that we will hit this milestone sooner than later.

After having the inaugural session on 19th Nov 2011, the club has been chartered within a month and half, which is nothing sort of remarkable. Kudos to all Koramanagala Toastmasters Club Members, special mention for Joseph Sebastian, Arvind Dhar and Reekhia Basu, who put in an incredible amount of effort in getting this done.

Thanks for all members’ continued support, encouragement and guidance. Hope to keep the momentum going in the new year 2012 🙂

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Koramangala Toastmasters Session No 7

When everybody was busy in analyzing year 2011 and getting ready for party to welcome the new year 2012, All members of Koramangala Toastmasters Club had a very nice and vibrant TM Party, at our Club !! Bellow is the list of events that all members enjoyed at the TM party.

Date : 31st Dec 2011
Location: Koramangala Toastmasters Club
Start time : 10.40am
End Time: 12.20pm
Thought of the day/Theme:
    “What matters most is how you see yourself ”
Word of the Day:

Meeting Toast Masters Roles
Sargent at Arms: Ritu
Secretary : Varada Murthy
Presiding Officer : Prasad
Master of Ceremony : Joseph
General Evaluator : Prasad
Time Manager : Ritu and Manoranjan

Prepared speach:

Speaker: Manoranjan Project# 1
Title : Work in Progress
Time: 6 mins
Evaluator : TM Prasad

A Table Topics Session then followed. Ritu was the Table Topics Master and the topics given by her were really excellent. Table topics speakers were all TMs Varada, Prasad, Manoranjan, Joseph, Tahera and esteemed guest Mr Ashrafi. We had a ballot to choose the best table topics speaker and Tahera was chosen as the best table topics speaker for the day. Congrats Tahera !

Table Topic contest at Smedley’s Toast Master Club on coming Saturday, 7th Jan 2012, Bangalore. Please contact TM Joseph @ 9880297917 for participation in the contest.

PS: And a Warm wishes for a Very Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR 2012 🙂

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Koramangala Toastmasters Session No 2

The second meeting of the Koramangala Toastmasters Club took place on 26th Nov 2011 and was an interesting & encouraging one with 1 Project 3 ( Bishal), Table Topics ( Chandra was the TT Master with simple and easy to follow topics but at the same time thought provoking and aligned with the theme of the day). The table topics speakers were Gargi Mishra,Ved Prakash, Bishal, Ashwini & Nitesh.

Ritu did the job of Sergeant-at-arms first time ever and did an excellent job. Arvind was the PO and Joseph the MC. We had a Jokemaster session with Ramakrishna & Ashwini followed by an Evaluation Session. Reekhia – General Evaluator of the day gave a wonderful feedback for the overall meeting. Also, she was very pro-active throughout the meeting and ensured that things are in place and time is not compromised at all. Arvind was the evaulator for project 2 speech, Ramakrishna- AH counter, Ritu – Timer, Vinay Kumar- Gramarrian and Manoranjan  as parliamentarian. Everybody had some or the other roles and actively contributed towards the meeting.

Thought of the day/Theme
To learn is not to know

Word of the day
wisdom : the ability to make good decisions based on knowledge and experience