KTMC At 300

"People more willingly follow a leader who knows where he is going." – Ralph C. Smedley The Adage came true when Mr.Subramaniam Chittur envisioned an organization that fosters leadership and communication skills and founded the Koramangala Toastmasters Club(KTMC) in November 2011. He along with his progressive team, laid the foundation so strong that even today,... Continue Reading →

Search for Einstein and Toastmasters Confidence

The 209th Meeting at Koramangala Toastmasters Club was eventful with two very inspiring speeches from two very talented speakers. Even the Table Topics session was quite out of the box with innovation from the Table Topic Master who had 4 speakers at one time delivering one Table Topic Session! The Meeting started with a CC6... Continue Reading →

Hello! Run for your life!

There was a firecracker of a meeting on 20th February Saturday morning at Koramangala Toastmasters Club. The day was special with a Tall Tales Table Topics Contest as well. The day started with a cc6 speech by Toastmasters Dany. Aptly titled "Appa's Hello", Dany took us on a trip through village side Kerala where her... Continue Reading →

Men, their Restrooms and Rabbit Fence

The Koramangala Toastmasters Club meeting on 30th January 2016 was really special. The number of people interested in our proceedings are increasing day by day. Just take a look at this audience here. It is almost like a packed classroom! The energy in the room is so high and the mood so jubilant that once... Continue Reading →

MOM of meeting number #42

Hello Friends, Please find the MOM of meeting #42. Theme: "Being Different" Meeting started by SAA of day TM Sujeet at 10.00 am. SAA explained the rules and regulation of meeting and handed over the stage to president Joseph. President Joseph called up the meeting, and addressed the audience explaining the importance of becoming different.... Continue Reading →

Koramangala Toastmasters Session No 34

Meeting #34, started around 10.13am by SAA TM Ritu, followed encouraging presidential note by TM Aravind. We had 4 great prepared speeches today by TM Bharat Project 1 TM Bibhu Project 2 TM Prateek Project 3 and TM Ajay Project 3 The Meeting was hosted by our dynamic Master of Ceremony, TM Sujeet K, with... Continue Reading →

Koramangala Toastmasters Session No 27

We had a wonderful meeting attended by 35 Members and guests and we had the first CC in this meeting. Meeting was started by 10.15am by SAA TM Ritu, followed presidential note by TM Aravind. For the first time we had 6 great prepared speeches by the following members. TM Geetha MK (P1) TM Shyam... Continue Reading →

Joint Meeting with Bangalore Toastmasters-Meeting no 19

Date: 07-Apr-2012 Venue: CoreEl Technologies, Block I, Koramangala Theme: Every thing you want is outside your comfort zone Word: Dynamic The following members represented Bangalore Toastmasters at the joint meet: TM Anmol Garg, TM Aravindaksha Das, TM Godfrey Soans, TM Rajendra, TM Daksh Mittal, TM Priyank Arora, TM Karunamoorthy and Division L Governor TM Pawas... Continue Reading →

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