Treasure Hunt

Year after year, the KTMC’s activities are great success stories.  This “Treasure Hunt” is one of the few events that really doesn’t have to worry too much about self-promotion.  But that doesn’t stop us from promoting it.  


  • Treasure Hunt 1.0
  • Treasure Hunt 2.0(Part 1) + Speeches (Part 2)

About this event, one may wonder – Why? What? Where? How? We have articulated these for your happy reading. Keep reading.


We at KTMC discovered that our VP Ed’s aspirations have changed from simply hosting events, to creating ongoing narratives. The key reason he now organizes events is to bring people together, uniting them in a common interest. The days of the activity was chosen to keep club members/guests motivated to attend the meeting on those long holiday weekends (to celebrate Indian festivals) when the city streets look deserted.

Our VP Ed had planned for online activities to have full house participation, but our VP Mem wanted us to look at ways to hold an off-line event to have continuity in the momentum for off-line presence to the community club! 

Folks had so much fun in hunting the treasure the first time they requested it be conducted again on a normal week so that many more could take part.


With our increasingly hectic lives, winning attendees means winning hearts and minds – that’s why telling a story is becoming a bigger focus for savvy KTMC speakers. To cater to this need “Treasure Hunt 1.0  was born. On a festival week we made best use of the deserted street. All the participants cherished those runs, sweat, thrill, laughter, and fun! 

The Ground rules were as follows. 

  • Rule No.1: fastest one reaching the end point will be announced as the winner.
  • Teams need to decode the clue, go to the location and share a selfie along with the spotted clue.
  • All the members of the team should appear in a selfie
  • Additional clues could be availed by adding +3mins to their kitty;
  • Teams will share the pic with the organisers.  If the answer is right, the next clue will be shared.

KTMC members were nominated as team leads and were asked to pick up their team members by selecting any of the attendees. The total number of participants was about 15 in each hunt! 


The distance indicated by organizers was within Koramangala; without thinking many hunters set out on their journey. All teams looked to their right and to their left and marched ahead without understanding the given clue but tracking other teams.  A few teams tried to mislead one another by going off-track.

Various modes were adopted, a two-wheeler, hired rickshaw, a car, and many walked and ran hither and thither. 


Treasure Hunt 1.0: Start and End point was Koramangala Club. Clues were spread across Koramangala. When results were announced: Team Sunitha, who had a two-wheeler bagged in the first place. Team Sadhana, the Runner-up, reached the right location but missed the object/clue on the final selfie and lost first place. Team Naman, had a four-wheeler and walked-in finally. This event was conducted by VP Ed, DTM Prathik Shetty and VP PR TM Sunil.

Treasure Hunt 2.0 (Part 1): The Home-Start point was SiA Seva-in-Action and the End point was KTMC’s fav eat joint Claypotia Bistro.  There were five teams: Sudhahar-Kuldeep team, Sanchit-Neetish Team, Prasad-Adithya team, Niraj-Ankit team, and Sunil-Sadhana team. This event was solely managed by VP Ed, DTM Prathik Shetty with more relaxed clues. Guests were puzzled and excited. 

When results were announced, the team who drew a four-wheeler bagged first place.  The runner-up missed first place by milli-seconds. The third team was surprised to see two teams had already reached the final point.  The fourth team was glad to gather with all others for a group pic.

Treasure Hunt 2.0 (Part 2):  All the club members were asked to share their experiences under “Connect with Networking” project.  Six speeches in a row with their respective evaluations. Every participant expressed their best by putting forth their emotions in their speech.

Speech Titles were: 

  1. Two hours with unknown people, TM Sudhahar
  2. Gold Diggers in Koramangala, TM Niraj 
  3. A Short Journey, TM Ankit
  4. I am Columbus, TM Adithya Kannan
  5. From First to Almost Last, TM Sanchit 
  6. Have neither a rhyme nor a reason! TM Sadhana

All the unknown participants together focused to achieve one goal. These joyous events united members/guests 😊

Come over to KTMC to find those Treasures if this is what you are looking for!


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