One Direction

Can you imagine four of Bangalore’s finest clubs uniting under one roof? No way!!!

Electronics City Toastmasters Club
HSR Toastmasters Club
Koramangala Toastmasters Club
Words Worth Toastmasters Club

ONE DIRECTION‘ – the most glorious joint Toastmasters meeting to ever grace this city. 👑

Here is short report from the President of HSR Toastmasters Club, Rohit

The TMOD did a fabulous job handling the topic Ecofriendly Dilemma. The learning is that sometimes using plastic also saves the cutting down of trees. A dilemma that was not so known before, with a takeaway requesting us to shop for one less cotton t-shirt to save the ecosystem.

What better way to ensure maximum participation for one and all than by kicking off such an event with a fun master? “We learn best in the moments of enjoyment” as rightly put by Ralph C Smedley himself.
The fun master left no stone unturned with creative games involving participants from 4 clubs and guests as well. They had fun thinking on their feet, displaying emotions as they spoke, leaving the audience, guests and TM wanting more.

The second segment had a variety of prepared speeches. A couple of the topics emphasise the importance of standing tall, despite what’s at stake and digital detoxification in the current era. This was followed with a quick break in a 2 and a half hour-long meeting. Members from 4 clubs were eagerly catching up with each other during the short break.
The Table topics started after the break with a bang. Engaging topics viz. “How would you spend a crore in a day? What if you wake up and find yourself as another gender?” kept up the enthusiasm of the speakers and audience alike.

As the meeting progressed, we had experienced evaluators from all 4 clubs sharing what went well and what could be further improved for the prepared speeches.

The meeting followed by a catch-up at the Bistro. What a great collaboration it was! I asked my fellow President Sudheendra from Wordsworth on how he felt. This is what he told me

“One direction” was a great opportunity for me and my club members to network, meet greet and learn from members of other clubs. Personally, as a member of organising committee, I could connect with Presidents and VPEs of different clubs and understand their club needs and challenges. Our club members were a happy bunch of people who could display their oratory and stage managing skills. Few of the new members, who attended the meeting were excited and got to witness powerful speeches. Overall, I could say that it gave an immense exposure to all of us and felt great being a part of this event.

I am eternally grateful to DTM Prathik, VP Ed KTMC for organising it. Let me end this with an inaccurate summary of the the joint club meeting in the weekly ‘Ridiculous Rewind’ reel series my VP PR Team.


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