The First Step

I constantly berated myself for nominating myself for my first speech in toastmasters, The Icebreaker. The mere thought of going on stage and delivering a speech in front of everybody gave me goosebumps the entire night before my speech. Next day, when I finally was called upon stage in the meeting to give my speech, I could feel my feet trembling, and my throat being thirsty. Somehow, with a shred of courage I did manage to deliver the speech. Though, I was quite nervous before my speech, I felt more confident after giving my ice-breaker speech. Going on the stage and standing in front of the entire audience seemed more comfortable than before. The petrifying and daunting audience transformed into supporting friends. I could appreciate the feeling of moving past my fears and conquering them.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-24 at 5.16.18 PM

My first ice-breaker speech has been a very important building block of my confidence to speak in public. The successful delivery of the speech imbibed the feeling of achievement and satisfaction in me, creating a positive feedback loop. I am glad to have made the decision of going up on stage and facing my fear of public speaking. I believe, similar steps ahead in my toastmasters’ journey would immensely help me in overcoming and surmounting my phobia and become a great speaker thereafter.



For next week TM Geeta had nominated TM Rishabh, and the question ? Well follow us to find out more

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