Triathlon : Prepared Speeches

The finale event of the Triathlon was one for the history books! A insightful education session on Prepared speeches detailing what to write, how to say it, the aim with you should say it followed by an amazing set of speaker, each sharing their unique and varied thoughts

TM Nishanth P.K. explain his method to tackling prepared speech competition, of how he believe content is most important and practice is essentail. In his words “In a prepared speech competition, the 99% of the time the most prepared speaker wins”. He also shared his thoughts on humor and improvisation during a prepared speech, which proved quite insightful and struck up a healthy discussion and question and anwser session afterwards. (View the full education session on our Youtube Channel)

The session was followed by the speech competition with seven participants delivering a variety of speeches, inspirational ones like “Man can move Mountain” from TM Prathik to one that had has rolling on the floor with laughter like “Lessson form a buffalo” by TM Raj. The winner of the prepared speech competition were

  • 1st : TM Prathik
  • 2nd : TM Abhinav
  • 3rd : TM Karun


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On July 27th we return to our normal Toastmaster meeting, but we launch a new series “My Matchless Moments @ KTMC”. Follow us to find out who takes the spotlight this week.


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