Triathlon : Evaluation Contest

The 319th meeting of KTMC couldn’t have been any better. It was an action packed day filled with a series of many engaging events. From installation ceremony of the New executive committee, to the well crafted education session by eminent speaker TM Pramod, From Official kick off of the ‘triathlon’ to the fun filled evaluation contest, this meeting had piqued everyone’s interest.

This meeting marked the commencement of much awaited event – ‘The Triathlon’. Triathlon is a series of speech contests, originally designed to groom the orators in 3 key areas: Evaluation speech, Table topic speeches (Impromptu speech) & prepared speeches. The triathlon started with an education session by TM Pramod, who is one consummate orator. He explained the momentous concept of golden circle of life (concept given by Simon sinek – a preeminent personality) with many co-relating examples. Just to recapitulate the concept as edified by him – ‘Always ask yourself these 3 questions before doing anything in your life – why you want to do, how you want to do and what you want to do’.
TM Pramod, later explicated the concept of speech evaluation & various parameters involved in making an effective and terse evaluation speech.
With this fantabulous education session, all the contestants were geared up for the contest. The contest started with a demo speaker (TM Kishore) giving a speech for 5 – 6 mins on the topic – One man, many lives. Post that, all the contestants gave their evaluation feedback speech. Everyone truly appreciated the sportsmanship embodied by TM Kishore, as listening to multiple feedbacks about one’s speech, is not something a quail person can handle.
The contest ended with the announcement of speakers who made it to the top three positions, as follows:
1st position – TM Rishabh
2nd position – TM Kalyani
3rd position – TM Tiya
So folks, this is not the end. Triathlon has just started & there are 2 more contests to go in the coming weeks. So gear up & prove everyone that ‘You have got the mettle’.
As the tagline goes ‘Triathlon- Learn, compete, revel’


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