KTMC @ Adhigam


Adhigam in Hindi stands for learning and in Tamil stands for more. In short, Adigam stands for learning more. It is a Division A, District 92 initiative. This is like a regular club meet with a difference, that we have speeches from CC1 to CC10. It is a speech Marathon were speakers from CC1 to CC10  deliver their speeches.

At this year’s Adhigam KTMCians were in full swing. We had 3 Prepared speakers, Two Table Topics speakers and Grammarian representing KTMC. TM Moorthi gave his CC2, TM Charishma gave CC3 and TM Prathik gave CC4.

TM Moorthi talked about life lessons that you can learn from cricket. It was a good speech. He drew parallels between cricket and real life. It was filled with examples from the world of cricket and how you can relate it to your own life.


Next was TM Charishma. Her speech was about her Dream Catcher machine. About how you need not wait for something but yourself pursue your dream. She made good use of props like the dustbin and the dream catcher(wind chime). It was a motivational speech.



Following this TM Prathik gave a humorous speech. The speech was about how due to the shortage of certificates he missed getting the certificate for winning table topics in his very first Toastmasters meet. This made him take revenge by becoming a TM. It was an exaggeration of the real incidents that had happened with him


At table topics too KTMCians showed their calibre. TM Abhinav decided to be the cheese in the pizza and TM Navroz ate that pizza beautifully. Both these speeches had good doses of humour. Taking a pun on Prathik’s speech the TTM of the meet said that he will make sure that everybody gets the certificates.

Finally evaluations. One of our KTMCian TM Tiya was the Grammarian. It was a challenge to read out the evaluation within 2 minutes considering the long list of speakers but she did an excellent job. She was able to categorize the errors into groups instead of naming them individually and highlighted some of them.  Area director Kishore too evaluated one of the speakers.


The highlight of the meet was the general evaluator he did an awesome evaluation of the evaluator and of the meet. We were enlightened by his evaluations and observations.

The team at IBM did a good job of making sure everything went smoothly. Not to forget the chair TM Mohan and his team, they too have to be congratulated for this commendable job and for making the meet a grand success.



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