KTMC At 300

"People more willingly follow a leader who knows where he is going." – Ralph C. Smedley

The Adage came true when Mr.Subramaniam Chittur envisioned an organization that fosters leadership and communication skills and founded the Koramangala Toastmasters Club(KTMC) in November 2011. He along with his progressive team, laid the foundation so strong that even today, KTMC is making an impact in all our lives. Ever since then, life has been different for all the Toastmasters at KTMC, in a way that saturday morning became the most energetic one in entire week, when the customary meetings took place. KTMC will remain ever grateful to coreEL, for sheltering it for the past 5 years and making it a landmark.

Not many days later, the club chartered in February 2012. This made things official and driven by the Toastmaster standards. Soon KTMC got its first batch of officers headed by Mr. Arvind Dhar, the first president of KTMC. Their goal to make KTMC a conducive place to nurture public speaking picked pace. After them, KTMC had many such inspiring officers taking over the various roles and responsibilities to gracefully live up to the legacy.

KTMC gradually became the talk of the town, upbringing some very Eloquent Speakers, Fluent Communicators, Prominent Leaders. Before it was realised, KTMC began to attract more and more crowd and grew stronger. Culturally diverse yet intentionally uniform minds contributed to the booming energy of KTMC.

As foreseen, KTMC lived up to the efforts and expectations of its contributors and well-wishers. It marked its 100th meet in Dec 2013, its 200th meet in Jan 2016 and this year, it completed its 300th meeting, mentoring not less than 75 actively dedicated members. 300 might seem like just a number to many, but to KTMCians, it signifies weeks of team work, months of planning and years of perseverance. With its credence and directed progress, KTMC is to see many more 300s.

Share your experience of visiting / or being a member of KTMC on social media with #ktmcAt300



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