Table Topic Grand Slam 2018

KTMC invites you to Table Topic Grand Slam. Come battle it out in 6 different improv speaking genres.

Grand Slam is an improv speech contest that allows members and guests to team up and play to win There are around 6 categories like Rapid Table Topics, Tall tales, Debates etc.

Most Important Information!

  • Date: February 10, Venue: Koramangala Toastmasters Club (KTMC)
  • Reach by 9 a.m. to participate. Be fun to have fun. Get your friends along, mingle and make merry!
  • Bear in mind – Contest Chairs are God and Goddess, they have the last say!
  • Participants will be divided in teams. Teams will be selected on the spot.
  • There are around 6 categories
  • Judges will  award you scores. Their decision is binding.
  • Contest ends does not mean the meeting ends . Wait with bated breath for more to come…


  1. Rapid TT – 4 members of your team will be given a fun line, and will be asked to build a whole story. Ensure no disjointed pieces.
  2. Turncoat/Switch sides – You have to start speaking for/against the motion. After a tap/bang you have to change your stance. There may be multiple taps at regular or irregular intervals
  3. Tall tales – make use of your wild/weird imagination to create a story,
  4. Debate it out  – You challenge one of the other  teams for a debate. Each one of you is given 30 sec turn by turn. Total time of 1:30 for each team.
  5. Situation based – You will be given situation and asked to build on it
  6. Master’s Choice – Classic Table Topic with  random topics


Venue: Google Map Directions
Cafeteria, 3rd Floor, Design Building, CoreEL Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd
#21, 2nd Cross Rd, Koramangala 1A Block, SBI Colony, Koramangala
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

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