The Buzz – Dec 2017

KTMC – The Buzz – Dec 2017 – Vol 201704

Delighted to present the Christmas edition of KTMC newsletter, from the desk of the BUZZ-ing Editorial Team! We believe in bringing in news, thereby bolstering the blazing desire of our members to become competent communicators and leaders. Not only that but also for them to roll on with advance- level learning and spreading a word about

Toastmasters and its many a benefit. For us at Koramangala Toastmasters Club (KTMC), Next is more than AI, VR or AR – it’s Word Power… captured and honed, cultivated and utilized appropriately, and fine-tuned with finesse, with the ultimate aim of turning members into ace speakers and top leaders!

The Buzz – the newsletter showcases our endeavors and achievements of this quarter, exhibits TM talents in form of writing, sketching etc., and delineates what’s coming up in near future… in various forms, through various activities.
As a TM team, we toast each other’s TM accomplishments and support each other in order to continually improve.

Happy Reading!
The Newsletter League


View Newsletter – The BUZZ



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