Introducing – The Buzz

It gives us immense pleasure to present the 1st Edition of  “The Buzz”, the Newsletter from the Koramangala Toastmasters Club. Through this newsletter we aim at shedding light on our endeavors- their successes and also their failures along with the learnings that we have experienced during the past quarter so that we can continue on the path of becoming better communicators and better leaders.

The journey that has been undertaken by us in Toastmasters has been extremely eventful to say the least. We have taken baby steps and in the course of the journey, we have fumbled, struggled but every single time we have stood up and continued the journey becoming a stronger in the process. We have learnt a lot on the way and are not oblivious to the tact that there is still a lot to learn. There will be roadblocks for sure, but we also realized that if we stretch ourselves just a little More we have no reason to believe that these roadblocks will be hindrance to where we want to be.This edition of The Buzz is a collection of some inspiring articles, beautiful poems and the various initiatives of KTMC along with an introduction of its post-holders.
We have made a sincere effort to make our thoughts more vocal and to voice out our feelings. We hope that you have as much fun reading it as much as we had in putting it together.

Join Us to read our masterpiece
PR Team of KTMC



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