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Search for Einstein and Toastmasters Confidence

The 209th Meeting at Koramangala Toastmasters Club was eventful with two very inspiring speeches from two very talented speakers. Even the Table Topics session was quite out of the box with innovation from the Table Topic Master who had 4 speakers at one time delivering one Table Topic Session!

The Meeting started with a CC6 speech from Toastmasters Uttiya. A Science Geek and an explorer at heart, Uttiya has been on her search for her Mini Einstein. Albert Einstein once told, “Don’t Blame Gravity, if you fall in love”. Uttiya was confident that if she finds a man with even 0.00001% of the brains of Einstein, she would give that person a chance. She met a few men who did not really grasp the spirit of the Theory of Relativity as well as Einstein taught us in the 20th Century. Let us pray to the Energy and Soul of Great Albert Einstein that Toastmasters Uttiya comes across a Gentleman who could inspire her with his understanding of Einstein’s teachings.

Following Uttiya was a very inspiring Final Competent Communication Manual Speech by Toastmaster Suresh from NUK Toastmasters Club. Suresh took us through the evolution Toastmasters journey brought him over in 9 months of being a public speaker. From a shy, reluctant and scared speaker, Suresh took us through a journey of how Toastmasters took him to being a confident and competent speaker, whose spirit cannot be drained even by a crowd of over 2000 people. Suresh painted a picture of confidence that the canvas of Toastmasters can bring over any person. The only secret is Perseverance Against All Odds here.

We are all eagerly waiting for the next meeting, when more brush strokes of confident speaking will be performed over the canvas of Koramangala Toastmasters Club.