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Hello! Run for your life!

There was a firecracker of a meeting on 20th February Saturday morning at Koramangala Toastmasters Club. The day was special with a Tall Tales Table Topics Contest as well.

The day started with a cc6 speech by Toastmasters Dany. Aptly titled “Appa’s Hello”, Dany took us on a trip through village side Kerala where her father brought home a not so healthy and presentable, but wise dog. Even though Dany and her mother were not so approving of the dog, her father took good care of the dog and magically things started to change in the house. Sometimes luck and prosperity steps into our house in the form of furry animals. The bravery and wisdom of the dog (called “Hello”) when it saved the family from the deadly sting of a Cobra brought amazement to the crowd at KTMC on the Saturday late morning.

Following Danny’s heart touching story was an ACS2 talk by Toastmasters Aalap Mehta. Aalap is also a Koramangala Toastmasters Club Mentor. The experience and flair of Aalap’s talk was visible in the Ah Counter not capable of finding a single glitch in the talk. A professional speaker and a very motivating character, Aalap drove home the message that Motivation is like taking a bath. We need it daily. Aalap brought in many incidents from his childhood and with his father that made us realise the importance of Motive and Action. An interesting anecdote was brought in by an interesting story of a Cheetah chasing  rabbit. Aalap proved beautifully that Cheetah could not catch the rabbit, in spite of the Cheetah being the fastest animal on the planet, as the Cheetah was running for hunger and the rabbit was running for her life. So, let us all work for our life rather than short term goals.

Following the prepared speeches were very intense tall tales in a table topics format. The entire club and the guests were taken on some awesome roller-coaster rides by the speakers.




A six Laned Ice Breaker Marathon

This Saturday, 6th of February 2016, was a Debutante affair at Koramangala Toastmasters Club. 6 speakers broke the ice and spoke their first prepared Toastmasters speech to a packed audience. The energy, ideas, humour and spark of new speakers were very visible in this group. Surprisingly none of them looked like they were taking the stage for the first time ever. The ease and grace were truly remarkable.

The first ice breaker was from Toastmaster Jinesh.

<Please excuse the poor camera skills on the mobile camera… Thank you!>


Jinesh had an interesting story to tell with love for Astrophysics, Communist Principles spoken out at his college days and repeated breaking of his hand in childhood. From an academically poor performance in early school years to topping his school in Board Exams, he had a long struggle with textbooks. But, this intellectual curiosity lead him to pursue Computers Post Graduation and finally years of techie experience in Bangalore. Jinesh is an avid Cricket fan too.

<Again poor skills on camera from the author here. I deserve some classes on mobile stability! :p>


Following Jinesh was Toastmaster Siddhu – an avid Steve Jobs fan. Siddhu made a tremendous entry on stage with Steve Jobs’s famous words on Misfits. After all Toastmasters are classic Misfits fitting into the structure of a Public Speaking World with stories of love, fear, success, joy, sorrow and a million other things. Siddhu was a super good student who even landed 3 MNC jobs right after college.


“Mind should control the body” – so said Ramakrishna Paramahansa and echoed Mahatma Gandhi. This was the biggest lesson that Koramangala Toastmasters Club members learned from Toastmaster Bala’s ice breaker speech. Bala structured his talk into two parts – life before Bangalore and life after Bangalore. The pre Bangalore life was colourful with village sights and rustic experiences. Stories of hanging from an Amla tree while trying to escape from a village elder and an accident while playing cricket are classic childhood experiences we had in a pre technology invasion days. A happily married man with a beautiful child and a great wife, Toastmasters Bala is indeed kicking it well in Bangalore today.

Neela Devi

Toastmaster Neela Devi followed soon afterwards with her Ice breaker. Like a wave from her Native Kanyakumari Neela Devi took us into her vast life experiences. A very enthusiastic Dancer in her school days, she wanted to hide her craze from her parents. But, seeing her parents watching the dance performance was traumatic for her, but a funny one when recollected years later at our Toastmasters Club. Neela Devi has a unique mix of Under Graduation in English Literature and Post Graduation in Computer Applications. It is rare to find such mixture of heart and brain in our everyday lives. An avid lover of the Kolkata city and culture, Neela carries a sweet tooth with her đŸ™‚


Like a Toophani wind, Toastmaster Vinay followed soon enough to deliver his Ice Breaker. A self confessed Bully in his younger days, Vinay has turned out sweet today. A weekly trip to the Principal’s office in his school days was his normal when he got treated with lethal weapons like sticks, shoes and such corporal punishment techniques. Vinay must be happy about the new rules of treating children with love in schools today. The tremendous effort to lose over 25 kilograms to win the love of his then life in college is a very motivating one for all of us.


Toastmaster Kishor concluded the Ice Breaker Marathon of the day with his speech aptly titled “Making of Kishor”. The 7th out of 8 siblings in his family in Madhya Pradesh proves Kishor was a well loved, pampered and inspired child. Kishor claims that he has been made by different people and circumstances ranging from his parents, brothers, sisters, neighbours, teachers, friends and so many other people directly known or otherwise. A very wise thought indeed. His lessons from a Black and White Photography adventure and cooking lessons in college were indeed motivating. He claims he learned a lot from getting a year back in college. Life Lessons learned from challenging times sticks with us till the end.

An awesome Saturday well spent in getting to know six wonderful individuals will stay with all who came to Kormangala Toastmasters venue on 6th of February 2016.


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Men, their Restrooms and Rabbit Fence

The Koramangala Toastmasters Club meeting on 30th January 2016 was really special. The number of people interested in our proceedings are increasing day by day. Just take a look at this audience here. It is almost like a packed classroom!


The energy in the room is so high and the mood so jubilant that once you step into a Koramangala Toastmasters Meeting, you will be hungry for more!

The first talk in this meeting was an Ice Breaker speech by Kiran. He took us through a journey of his personal and professional life punctuated with pink slips and a lot of fun.

Next was a cc5 speech by Dany. She sure had a great history of athletics in her school days. Dany’s talk was aptly named “On your mark! Get set! Go!” She took the audience on a very entertaining ride of heavy shot put, not so heavy discuss throw and the agile Javelin. She was able to convince us that even if she could not throw things far, wide and accurately, she could run like the wind and clinch the 400m race in style. Dany sure could send any experienced public speaker on a run for his money with her oratory skills.

Gopal followed shortly afterwards with a cc6 speech on the “Beauty of Inconvenience”. The ease of life provided by online services, credit cards and professionally managed wedding planners is taking the unpredictability out of our lives. We rarely go out of our comfort zones to buy vegetables from the mandi, get lost in a taxi and ask around for our destinations or lose track of hot tea at the wedding only to be caught by our uncles. However, Gopal did assure that there was still some beauty remaining in the inconvenience caused by Indian Railway ticket booking system. We love Railways for more than just the inconvenience, don’t we?

Do men lack restroom etiquette? Nilesh explored this question in his cc6 speech.


A super dynamic speaker with a well developed humour, Nilesh can entertain an audience with his comedy. Nilesh proved almost to a scientific level that men do possess supreme restroom etiquette. It is a tragedy that women fail to realise this fact and appreciate our males for strictly following an unwritten rest room code of honour. After hearing Nilesh, we would never see the Men’s room as before.

The highlight of the day was a great stand up comedy show by Veteran Comedian, Praveen Kumar who took us on a ride from Kancheepuram to Koramangala.

Praveen kumar

Half an hour on laughter riot that took us from Tamil Nadu to Cricket matches in BITS Pilani to sad stories of failed romances to simple pleasures of married life really resonated with the audience. There must be at least 20 Toastmasters who must have made it a point to learn the art of stand up comedy after listening to Praveen.

Following the laughter with Praveen Kumar was an informative and entertaining ride through the early 20th century Australia with Past President Jyoti.


Jyoti delivered an ACB2 speech on the Ecosystem damage caused by Rabbits in Western Australia after 24 wild rabbits were introduced to the continent by touring Englishmen. They multiplied exponentially to cause an ecosystem imbalance in the region. With vintage pictures to enhance the talk, the audience was lead through the challenges of that time period.

The members of KTMC is eagerly waiting for the next meeting for more thoughts, laughter, insights and ideas. May the public speaking Gods shower their grace upon Koramangala Toastmasters Club!