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Courage, Inconvenience, Selling and Freedom

The fourth Saturday of 2016 was a very inspiring day for the Koramangala Toastmasters Club. The prepared speeches and training session really moved the members and guests to great joy and knowledge.

The day started with a CC4 speech by Toastmaster Raj Thakur on Courage. Raj took us on a journey of an Army Man’s family. The speech really moved the audience to appreciate the trials and tribulations of the lion men who spend their time in the hail storms of bullets at the border. Courage, we were reminded, was an everyday thing that was needed by the common man who spends a common life as does a brave warrior who protects his country with his life.

Next, we had a CC6 speech by Toastmaster Gopal Karmakar on the Joy of Inconvenience. Gopal moved the audience to the time before the great internet and professional services made our lives easy with door delivery and real time services starting from e-commerce, train ticket booking to even grocery delivery at our convenience. But, wasn’t there a joy in getting out and buying vegetables? Was there not a satisfaction in organising a wedding ourselves before the wedding planners brought in their professionalism? Wasn’t there the joy of getting lost on the way to our destinations before Google Maps guided our souls to the dropped pins? Where can we discover that lost joy of inconvenience?

The two ACB talks of the day raised the standard of the proceedings to amazing heights.

Toastmaster Pramod Nittur brought in his professional wisdom when he taught us how to sell well in his ACB 3 talk.


Pramod stressed the fact that how we sell is more important than what we really sell. From a seemingly real life experience of buying a car, he taught us how a good sales person can bring about a great effect in a customer’s lives. It is not just about products, Pramod said, that Sales touches us – but even with ideas, concepts, thoughts and much more.

There were five key lessons from this ACB 3 talk.

  • Be enthusiastic when you sell
  • Be empathetic with your customer
  • Learn to be insightful about the product, service or concept that you sell
  • The customer should learn to trust you as a seller
  • Have a sense of emergency about closing the sale

After the business lesson, Kormanagala Toastmasters Club was on for witnessing a patriotic masterpiece. President Toastmaster Pramit Pratim Ghosh presented a speech by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on this very day that the 100 files of Netaji was declassified by the Government of India.

And Pramit had an uncanny resemblance with Netaji as well during his presentation 🙂


The call for Men, Material and Money to raise an army against a weakening English force was well received by the Audience. When Netaji asked for Blood in return for Freedom, this blog post author was choking to hold back tears of passion to join the ‘Jai Hind’ Cries!

Table Topics is one of the most feared creatures in Toastmasters. Toastmaster Viraja came up with practical tips to attack this very beast called Table Topics. The first and most important tip was to listen to the Table Topics Master closely and take a deep breath.


Viraja presented a template to do Table Topics. These tried and tested methods could help any aspiring Table Topics conqueror to reach her goals.

  • Try a Pros and Cons approach to Table Topics Topic.
  • Try painting a picture of Past, Present and Future with the Topic.
  • Go beyond convention and think super creative. This will give you extra brownie points.

Overall, we could not have asked for a better way to spend a pleasant Bangalore January Saturday morning :).