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Make your audience sit up & listen

Dear Friends,

Effective public speaking is an art which can be learnt. Anyone can master the basic techniques for making an audience sit up and listen. They are:

Be friendly & relaxed- Begin your speech with a smile, it switches on your audience and arouses their interest. And never let stage fright show. An audience feels sorry for a panic-stricken speaker to begin with; then listeners lose patience-and interest

Stand confidently, Take command & use your voice to the full- Come out into the open. The audience want to see as much of you as possible. They will then feel that you are confiding in them. And, Be sure to speak loudly, slowly, and clearly. A compelling speaker can control an audience like a skilled musician playing an instrument

Plan what to say, keep it simple, straight and make it seem spontaneous- A forceful speech must be thought out before-hand. Resist the temptation to cram into a speech as many point as possible. A productive speech consists of up to four main points at the most, leading to one main conclusion. A thorough rehearsal will make the speech spontaneous and add an attractive sparkle to it.

Include everyone-The speaker who avoids looking at the audience loses them as they rightly feel that their presence is being rejected.

Whether your purpose is to inform, persuade, entertain, motivate or inspire, your body language and the personality you project must be appropriate to what you say.

Watch your timing- Make sure you’ve finished speaking before your audience has finished listening. Stand up, speak up and ‘shut up’ in time