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MOM of meeting number #42

Hello Friends,
Please find the MOM of meeting #42.
Theme: “Being Different”

Meeting started by SAA of day TM Sujeet at 10.00 am. SAA explained the rules and regulation of meeting and handed over the stage to president Joseph.

President Joseph called up the meeting, and addressed the audience explaining the importance of becoming different. Then president introduced the MoC of the day TM Avik.
TM Avik started the meeting with his flying style briefly introduced the Toastmasters International to Guests and different sessions of meeting.
Then TM Avik introduced GE of the TM Subhash. It was very interesting to have TM Subhash as GE. He always brings new Horizon to meeting. As usual he did the same thing again. He introduced his assignees and stung all the beads into a thread.
We had five prepared speech:
1) TM Nimish-Ice breaker
2) TM Jyoti- project2
3)TM Saurabh-project2
4)TM Vijay-project2
5)TM Anuj(Guest)-Humorous speech
Then We had a small break at 11:00am
We started Debate on a topic Arranged marriage vs love marriage at 11:15 interestingly composed and organized by TM Shreya.
Then we started evaluation session headed by TM Subhash.
Finally at 12:00 o’clock meeting was binded by TM Joseph.
Please find the detailed MOM in file attached