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Joint Meeting with Bangalore Toastmasters-Meeting no 19

Date: 07-Apr-2012
Venue: CoreEl Technologies, Block I, Koramangala

Theme: Every thing you want is outside your comfort zone
Word: Dynamic

The following members represented Bangalore Toastmasters at the joint meet: TM Anmol Garg, TM Aravindaksha Das, TM Godfrey Soans, TM Rajendra, TM Daksh Mittal, TM Priyank Arora, TM Karunamoorthy and Division L Governor TM Pawas Chandra.

The Meeting was started at 10:30 a.m by SAA TM Saurabh and was then taken over by Presiding Officer TM Joseph Sebastian of KTMC. Both role takers opened up the meeting with a big warm welcome note to BTMC members. This was followed by a call to introduce all present members of BTMC to introduce themselves.

This was followed by a very enthusiastic emcee TM Ritu who introduced the GE for the day: TM Anmol Garg from our club and following assignees:

Grammarian: TM Arup Das
Ah Counter: TM Vijaykrishnan
Time keeper: TM Ajay
Parliamentarian: TM Pramod

The speakers in following order:

Speaker 1: TM Nambiraj (CC01)
Evaluator: TM Godfrey

Speaker 2: TM Daksh Mittal (CC02)
Title: Creating an Industry
Evaluator: TM C R Raj

Speaker 3: TM Priyank Arora (CC02)
Title: Hungry Kya?
Evaluator: TM Chinmay
Speaker 4: TM Sinoj (CC06)
Evaluator: TM Anmol Garg

Speaker 5: TM Govind (ACG3)
Evaluator: TM Ankit

Speech session was followed by Table Topic session conducted by TM CR Raj. There were 7 speakers in this session including 2 guests.

This was followed by evaluations and the GE and assignee reports.

The meeting ended with a note of thanks to the organizers of the joint meet and to BTMC club for their participation. Kormangala Toastmasters Club will certainly look forward to more such joint meetings

The meeting ended at 12:30 p.m


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Koramangala Toastmasters Session No 18

Meeting # 18 started with great energy. After weeks of preparation and participation in contests, we are back in regular meetings of our club. Hearty congratulations to TM Reekhia and TM Priyank for making the flag of club flying high in Area level contest. Thanks to all of you, who participated and supported them during the contest.

The minutes for meeting #18 is as per the attachment.
We had total of 21 attendees (including 9 guests). We started the meeting 10.30am(supposed to start by 10.10am) with a congratulatory high note by TM Joseph. As always the encouraging presidential note by TM Aravind bring more energy to the meeting.

The meeting was carried forward by our enthusiastic ToastMaster of the day, TM Ritu. This meeting was unique, as we had 5 prepared speech for the first time in our club by
TM Praveen
TM Francis
TM Abhinav
TM Chinmaya
TM Ram Mohan
Meeting was followed by Table topic session by TM Joseph topics covering theme of the day and also evaluation session by him.
The club is always grateful to TM Aravind for his invaluable support to the club. Thanks TM Aravind for arranging two more banners for the club. Thanks to TM Joseph for arranging/managing the meeting so nicely and taking multiple roles in this meeting, to make it a successful one (though we have less number of senior members present).